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About Theresa

My passion is in using movement and touch to reawaken the innate integrity, aliveness, and balance of the body-mind.

Lineage and credentials:

I have been the leader of Movement Training Program for Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center since 2010, and am the Director of Teaching for the Mexico Rosen Training Center. 


I have been on the Rosen Institute Board since 2017, and am on the Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center board. 


I have taught in Australia, Canada, England, Holland, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.  


Rosen Method Lineage



  • 1996:  Weekly class w/Miriam Cantor, Lisa Thompson, and Marion Rosen

  • 1998:  Certified as Teacher, w/Lisa Thompson and Marion Rosen as supervisors

  • 2002:  Completed Apprenticeship w/Jane Malek as mentor

  • 2005:  Certified as Training Teacher w/Teri Katz as mentor and Jane Malek

  • 2006:  Certified as Senior Training Teacher w/ Teri Katz as mentor

  • 2010:  Mentored two Senior Training Teachers



  • 1997:  Fundamentals w/Sara Webb, Gloria Hessellund, and Marion Rosen

  • 1998:  Advanced Class w/Sara Webb and Teri Katz

  • 2000:  Certified as a Practitioner, w/Teri Katz and Paula Kimbro as supervisors

  • 2005: Certified as Introductory Workshop Teacher, co-teaching w/Mary Kay Wright, Sara Webb, Gloria Hessellund, & Elaine Mayland

  • 2012: Certified as Teacher with Elaine Mayland as mentor, and Sara Webb & Gloria Hessellund

  • 2014: Certified as Senior Teacher w/Sara Webb, Gloria Hessellund, & Bill Samsel


Theresa is a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist.  Certificate #24652


How I came to do this work

I worked in the corporate world as a system’s analyst for 18 years. In 1989 my daughter was born, and in 1991 I went through a divorce. At that point I had never done any personal work and was really wound up as a person, but these two experiences made me begin to engage with inner work. 


In 1995 I heard Jon Kabat Zinn speak and read his book Full Catastrophe Living. Something shifted in me and I realized I desperately needed to leave my corporate job, and wanted to be able to be at home with my daughter while I gave myself the space to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life (the ability to dip into my retirement savings to stay home for a year was a blessing). 


In my year of self-sabbatical I went to Spirit Rock Meditation Center, took classes in yoga and meditation, and was a part of a therapy group. 


One fellow member said he had done some bodywork that he thought was amazing. At Spirit Rock I looked for cards of bodyworkers and, never having heard the word “Rosen'' before, somehow picked up a card for a Rosen practitioner. 


I had a Rosen bodywork session and was blown away. Throughout that year I continued having Rosen sessions, and eventually attended a Rosen Method intro session at Spirit Rock, and then began the trainings.


I can’t emphasize enough how I certainly did not plan to become a Rosen practitioner myself! I thought I was doing the trainings for my own immersion, and came from a family of origin who placed a lot of emphasis on what they considered proper jobs. I had never even imagined doing bodywork- I wasn’t even somebody who went for massages! 


However, to say that Rosen Method caught my attention in a deep way is an understatement. As I continued with the trainings and receiving sessions, I continued to change and to feel more and more like myself. One thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history!

How we can work together

Green Plant








_Theresa Garcia logo- open heart.png

Theresa is a role model for me – she meets the students at eye level and with a big open heart. She gives all the space for one's own growth, which makes her a wonderful person and great teacher.

K.Z. - Germany

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