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Media with Theresa

Video interview with Theresa by Lynda Napier, coordinator of the Australia Centre, in 2011


The questions she posed were:

  1. What makes the Rosen Method of Movement different from other movement modalities?

  2. What can someone expect from a Rosen Movement class?

  3. What can someone coming to a five day movement workshop expect?

  4. What is important to you regarding Rosen Movement?

  5. Who will benefit from coming to Rosen Movement classes and workshops?

Video talk with Theresa in coordination with Veredas Centro de Educación Corporal, the Rosen Method school in Mexico City

This interview discusses Rosen Bodywork. 

Media about the Rosen Method

Rosen Institute Brochure, Rosen Method

Rosen Institute Brochure, Rosen Method Bodywork

The Rosen Journal


The Rosen Method International Journal is intended for in-depth articles related to Rosen Method and is meant to be inclusive of the worldwide Rosen community and of both bodywork and movement. The journal is available only on-line at this website, and is free and open access. Each article can be read on-line or can be downloaded and printed. The journal is approved and sponsored by the Rosen Institute.

The Rosen Method International Journal publishes articles for and about students, practitioners and teachers of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. The journal seeks to publish articles substantially about Rosen Method in the form of case reports, historical essays, innovations in teaching and treatment methods, discussions of theory and practice, reviews of scientific findings, original research, and book reviews.

Rosen Institute Resources Library

Body Sense


A Psychology Today blog with lots of great articles by Rosen Bodywork colleague, Alan Fogel.


Research on Rosen Method

Provides Alan Fogel's reviews and summaries.

Archive video footage of Marion Rosen

By Paula Kimbro.

Hands-on Method Has Gone Worldwide

SF Chronicle, March 2010 

Slow Movement with Awareness Better than Exercise

Psychology Today, July 2010 

Massage and Bodywork Magazine: The Brain and Bodywork Exploring Pain Through Body Sense by Alan Fogel 


March/April 2011 edition

How we can work together

Green Plant








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